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bullet MashedPotatoes
22 Jul : 21:57
Just checking in. Probably won't be around much for a while. Baby decided to come 8 weeks early. Going to be living at the Ronald McDonald House for a while since there's no NICU near home.
bullet PitBull
22 Jul : 03:51
Hacker on server BEEP RANDYTEETS
bullet troll4lolzx
21 Jul : 22:30
aggravated my fractured ribs at work so havent been able to play :(
bullet PitBull
21 Jul : 08:16
Server Crash I am assuming it went from 42 players to 3 in a hr. 1.16 EST Australia
bullet PitBull
20 Jul : 18:36
I have a question, when you loose service, does your rank drop? Secondly do you ask for discount?
Secondly if you moved to a better provider would your rank restart?
WombatServers seem better ping for me and more stable than your provider for example.

I get stable 170-185 ping with them, and yours 190ping. What kind of ping would you guys get on a Wombat Server there?
They seem new and reliable?
bullet Talk2DaBullet-Vi
20 Jul : 18:26
Oki doki
bullet TWE44
20 Jul : 15:58
message from our server host
It's likely the Blaze backend servers are experiencing issues today, triggering an above average number of disconnections

The network and hardware for your server appear stable from our hosting end
bullet Talk2DaBullet-Vi
19 Jul : 17:09
Ouchy server crash
bullet troll4lolzx
19 Jul : 16:31
will do

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